Thesis, UX/UI

Society is embracing new forms of connection and communication. How people relate to each other and to the world is increasingly fast, open and interactive. Such an attitude is challenging brands and companies to gain speed and agility and to define images as lively and dynamic. “Fluid” is a research project focused on the methodology of flexible design systems for brands.

A project presented at Blanc Fest 2018 

The image

#fluid is born as the corporate identity for the present.

The image is based on the speed of today’s changes and is representing it through an evolving shape that is affected by the number of interactions of the users on social media. The effect on the form varies depending on the hashtags used on the mentioned interactions and is divided according to the different topics.

The image is the shape together with a timecode that shows the time in which the form exists and presents a visible change, constant but unexpected and uncontrollable.

The autogeneration creates uncontrollable and endless results.

The website

The website is where the data from the social media channels is transformed into the #fluid shape.

The screen displays all the interests in the form of this shape, and shows how it changes and evolves. It highlights the most important topics at every moment.

A key feature of the site is the draggable timeline, which lets the user go back in time and discover the deformations that the shape has gone through.

By doing that, the user can browse through time and go to a specific date while seeing the transformations that lead the shape like it is.

It also lets the user explore and move the shape, and even zoom in to see what the shape is made of. When doing so, the user is able to see all the tweets that contributed to the creation and evolution of the shape in that exact time.

For the users to see in a linear way the evolution of specific hashtags or topics, there is a rank page where they can see in detail each evolution.

As an extension of the experience, a public action is proposed. An installation in the streets that will allow everyone to interact with the platform and discover #fluid.

The extra functionality in these screens, will be the possibility of making a part of this identity yours.

Pieces of merchandising will be available to customise based on the moment the user is interacting with the screen.

Merch pieces

Therefore, the users can have unique pieces, unrepeatable and original.

The graphics of the pieces can be either the identity alone, or the identity together with pieces of information.

Pieces of merchandising like flipbooks have the plus of showing the movement of a slot of time, instead of a single moment.

The essay

All this information is gathered in the series #fluid, an essay about the present. It is composed by a theory, and various infographic pieces representing change.

Editorial interpretation is a piece that reflects on the quickness of today's changes driven by social media.

The piece is formed by a continuous paper stuck, printed with 8250 tweets, which were uploaded and shared in one single second.

This tweets were printed in the order in which they were shared, and along a timeline. The piece unfolded is converted into a printed record.

The essay compiles the research and development of the project, and shows the process. It also has a section with the brand manual for the identity.