Video Mapping for UNHCR

Motion Graphics

The icon of Firenze and Renascence becomes the canvas of a video mapping who explores the frontiers concept nowadays, the connection between people, cities, and cultures.

Project in collaboration with UNHCR Ponte Vecchio, an icon of Florence and the Renaissance, becomes a symbol of the connection between peoples, cities and different cultures, between past and future, able to make think about the frontiers of today and yesterday and the phenomenon of migration. The light installation is part of F-Light, the festival of lights that involves the historic Florentine buildings during the Christmas holidays. At the centre of this edition of the festival the theme of borders, understood as horizons and limits, both in a physical and metaphysical sense. But also in terms of challenges, such as that of connecting the past and present, cities and peoples far from each other. And to reflect on one of the greatest challenges of our times: migration. IED in collaboration with UNHCR.