Goal: Stuart wants a platform just for small businesses to request deliveries with multiple drop-offs with ease

Result: easy navigation was key with the new design because of our novice technology users. Also, confusion was minimised with he aid of a wizard helper

Expectations: mobile app, desktop app. Ux/ui design, art direction and design



At the moment, Stuart has a single platform for clients ranging from large enterprises to local, small business. They want to provide businesses at a smaller scale the ability to grow and have their voices heard more by offering them their own tool. With this new platform, they will be able to digitalize all their logistics and oversee deliveries with ease.


The audience for this new platform are small business owners or employees with a large portion being novice technology users. Majority of these business have kept their old-school operations intact — everything is done manually.

Stuart's Current Platform

UX/UI Design


It was important to keep Stuart’s style standards on color, typography and consistency. The challenge was to incoporate design elements that would help users with easy navigation and provide them with a pleasant digital experience.

Meet Stuart’s new platform

Wizard Helper

The user will be guided by a wizard helper throughout the whole deliver request process. Previously filled-in information will be recorded and displayed so that users are constantly notified on their tasks.

  • White-completed
  • Blue-active
  • Gray-incomplete

Multiple drop-offs

Multiple drop-offs can be added and edited easily. Upon adding a new one, the previous drop-off input will collapse into a card so that multiple destinations can be viewed at the same time.


Exact dimensions as well as large icons are displayed according to the size.


Stuart automatically provides the fastest and most efficient route with a recommended type of courier for the users’ convenience.

Order confirmation

A map will be displayed only on the order confirmation step along with previously filled info. It will also detail the drop-off destinations as well as the order with the fast and most effecient route.

Portable access