Simon the Cube

Motion Graphics

Simon is an experimental animation based on a simple but lively character.

The aim of this project was not only to explore and understand the basics of animation but also to go deeper into the software tools and features. The main character and figure is a simple but playful cube, that, thanks to its easy and geometrical shape, it enables many different and interesting movements through simple animations. The shortfilm encompasses all these individual actions in a common story.

The color palette is based on three main colors, a magenta, a cyan blue and a dark grey. The magenta and the cyan work together to enhance the playful and innocent environment that surrounds the cube’s reality, helping the viewer to understand and feel the naive ambience. The dark grey is used as a defined and strong color for the details that need to be highlighted. Since the animation is recreating 3D shapes through 2D, the 3 main colors are complemented by different tones of them, to give the project and character the depth and volume it needs.