Branding, Graphic Design

Revival through the essence. Creating and developing the brand identity for a 24/7 modular shop for Martians and humans in Mars, 2030.

Stand for human renessence

Humans are multi-planetary species, they are ready to use the new environments as a source of nutrients. CORPUS offers an essence-based nutrition system for humans out of the Earth. CORPUS is simplifying the human nourishment in order to ensure it. Supporting the nutrition on fundamental elements, it increases the variables with minimum resources. Based on this principle, it can also be applied to any other planet. The name is transformed into the brand, with any “sunrise-like” gradient application that inspires the renewal and revival of the humanity.


Extend the experience, transform and customize your objects and spaces with CORPUSº batteries. Choose between texture, light and colour attributes, and combine them in order to get a unique result, just for you. CORPUSº small batteries are covering the human’s basic needs, from basic nourishment to feelings, and hormones, as well as experiences such as orgasms, dreams and visions. CORPUSº is reacting to its user. Merchandising graphics that react to the charge and colours and gradients that change according to the user needs.

Stationary pieces based on the brand gradients.

Bateries are branded with a palette according to their effects.

The icon is used as a mesure of charge for different merch pieces.